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By profession, I am a military historian with many areas of interest, spanning the Revolutionary War to post WWII conflicts, including Vietnam.  I have taught a variety of real-time and online courses, ranging from undergraduate surveys in Humanities and History to graduate courses and thesis-level research in Military Studies.  My primary doctoral fields include the Civil War & Reconstruction, Gilded Age & Progressivism, and the early 20th Century, including WWI and WWII.   EOD history is but one of my arcane strengths.   



English (Native)

Spanish (College)

French (High School)

Italian (Elementary)

Turkish (Elementary)

Teaching Experience


University of South Carolina (Columbia)

USC Summer and Evening Programs

Adjunct Lecturer of Military History

August 2016 - present

Beginning in the fall of 2016, I taught a senior-level course on the American Military Experience for history and non-history majors.  The program recently changed its name to USC's On Your Time Initiative.

American Public University System (APUS)

Department of History & Military History

Associate Professor of History (Online)

June 2014 - present

Beginning as a part-time faculty member in 2012, I made the transition to full time with a yearly courseload of 450 students.  Duties include serving as a course lead and thesis advisor in addition to teaching a wide gamut of undergraduate & graduate courses in general and military history.  I have taught advanced courses in the American Civil War and WWII, plus post-WWII conflicts such as the Arab-Israeli Wars.


West Virginia University

Eberly College of Arts & Sciences (ECAS)

Eberly College Lecturer in History & Humanities

August 2010 - June 2014


Upon graduation, I continued to serve WVU as a full-time lecturer in History and Humanities, with primary assignment to teach Western Civilization plus online courses in Military HIstory through WWII and Vietnam.  This job ended when WVU budget cuts eliminated the Humanities Program for academic term 2014-15.

West Virginia University

Department of History

Graduate Instructor/Lecturer of History

August 2004 - June 2010


While completing my Ph.D. coursework, I taught a regular schedule of 2-3 U.S. History surveys per semester.  I completed the Global History program, and taught Modern World surveys for one year.  During my final year, I served as a lecturer, teaching advanced electives in Modern U.S. History.  This included the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, plus the Introduction to Military History through WWII and Vietnam.










2010 - present

2010 - present


West Virginia University

August 2004 - December 2009


Doctor of Philosophy (Modern U.S. & World History)

Western Carolina University

January 2003 - August 2004


Master of Arts (Military & Diplomatic History)


Western Carolina University

May 1998 - December 1999


Bachelor of Science (History)


Western Carolina University

August 1992 - August 1996


Bachelor of Arts (English)  Minor in Writing & Editing.

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